Hello, I'm Annie, the author of Cyanophylle. This blog emerged from my need to see this changing world from a positive perspective; a way to gather the news that makes us believe in a better future.

"Cyanophylle" is a word that starts with the color cyan, a mix of blue and green, that, figuratively, represents the combination of the green movement and our blue planet. "Phylle", comes from the ancient Greek and means "leaf". It's thus the blue-green leaf. Cyanophylle also refers to my beloved cyanobacteria, the object of my research and first providers of oxygen on Earth. These tiny organisms thrive on this planet for more than 3 billion years, in the most hostile conditions, and are perfect examples of adaptation and resilience to changes.

I am an experienced microbiologist and ecotoxicologist, and I graduated from a Ph.D. degree in biology in 2014. I now work on the biodegradation of toxic contaminants using microbes - bacteria, microalgae, and yes, cyanobacteria. One day, as I was experimenting with my molecules and microorganisms, I was pondering on the fact that I wanted to use my skills - research, analytical mind, comprehension of science and bottomless curiosity - beyond the lab, to get to the wider world and try to inspire others to make positive changes in their lives. As I believe we are more influenced by success stories than by ineluctable disasters, this blog might spark an interest, an idea or a change of habits that will help protect this unique planet that we call home.